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“EnergyTransitionArt” – What is the goal of our project?

EnergyTransitionArt is an art competition, an exhibition, and a series of events on the energy transition in Germany.

Seeing.Thinking. Feeling.Talking! To this end, the project “EnergyTransitionArt” wants to make a unique contribution to energy discourse by creating a space and role for art and artists. Art opens up new approaches to familiar topics and inspires.

“Energiewende” or “energy transition”  describes Germany´s transition away from unsustainable energy sources to a climate-friendly, nuclear free energy future. It is one of the largest socio-political undertakings in Germany. People and business are affected by both its successes as well as its failures. The energy transition of today, shapes tomorrow.

To realize such a large project successfully, the topic deserves to be widely discussed and reflected upon. While the energy transition enjoys significant support by society, it also has its critics and granted, its own problems. The current discourse is often dominated by technical and economic debates. Our purpose with the project EnergyTransitionArt, is to bring new ideas and voices to the topic in order to contemplate new themes and ideas that will ultimately contribute to the design of the energy transition in the future. We also hope to carve a place and position for art in the energy discourse.

The art competition and exhibition “EnergyTransitionArt” aims to set an impulse for broader dialogue, experience and vision. It creates a platform for the inclusion and exchange of art and individuals in the discussion about energy. It creates a space to develop and experience new approaches and perspectives – to spark innovation, provoke and inspire.

EnergyTransitionArt invites artists to develop a piece of work on the topic of the energy transition—a  tangible expression that makes the energy transition aesthetically perceptible, thereby providing a unique experience and exchange within the topic by raising new questions and proposing new solutions. Any medium of art is welcome, as long as it can be perceived visually and displayed at the exhibition. All approaches, opinions and interpretations are welcome. It is crucial, however, that the German energy transition or aspects thereof are addressed in the piece of art. To be clear, the  energy transition can be understood as a transition process towards a climate-friendly nuclear free energy future.

An expert jury selected the winners of the competition as well as the works of 19 artists for the three-week exhibition in Berlin. The exhibition serves as a venue for a variety of different hosts, which will discuss, test, highlight innovative issues and approaches around the art of the energy transition – inspired and challenged by the pieces of art surrounding them.

EnergyTransitionArt is a private initiative. It is designed to create new “images” for energy transition, open up space for new experiences and approaches and enrich the public debate. It is meant to inspire everyone involved!

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