1. What is Energiewende/energy transition?
  2. What are the content requirements of the competition?
  3. What are the criteria used by the jury to select the works?
  4. What pieces of art may participate in the competition?
  5. How many works of art can an applicant submit?
  6. Whom can I contact for further information?
  7. When is the deadline for applications?
  8. How can I support EnergyTransitionArt?

What is Energiewende/energy transition?

The term “Energiewende” is German for “energy transition.” This refers to Germany´s decision to reduce its use of fossil fuels and phase out of nuclear energy.
In particular, coal-fired power plants emit large amounts of the greenhouse gas CO2, while nuclear energy is no longer deemed safe, particularly since the 2011 Fukushima disaster. Through the “energy transition” the future shall be safer and fueled by climate friendly energy.
This transition will require greater use of renewable energy as well as energy efficiency measures and a reduction in energy consumption overall.
Every person consumes energy every day: turning on the heat in one’s home, stepping into the elevator, driving a car, cooking a meal, listening to the radio, chatting on the phone. The products we consume have been produced and transported by using energy. Energy fuels our daily activities, literally. Thus, the energy transition is relevant for each and every one of us.
Progress on this “energy transition” can already be seen and heard, sometimes even smelled in Germany. There are wind turbines in the fields, solar panels installed on roofs, and cars which are fueled by electricity or biofuels on our streets. There are new sustainable options to insulate and heat homes.
However, there are many challenges. Thus, in addition to being an everyday topic, the Energiewende is also a political, economic and societal issue and is prevalent in the press and in politics with frequent discussions about prices, costs, energy poverty, power grids, new market design and jobs.
The world follows with great interest, often mixed with envy or skepticism, the developmentsof Germany’s unique transformational project.
The energy transition of today shapes our future.

What are the content requirements of the competition?

We are looking for submissions that address the energy transition. Whether an artist gives praise or critique is not the question. Rather we would like to give full artistic independence to those participating as we aim to share new perspectives, ideas and attempts to distinguish and communicate on the topic.
The artistic process does not necessarily have to support energy transition or specific energy sources. We welcome and encourage all interpretations, approaches and opinions. The only essential requirement is that the art work is devoted to the idea of the energy transition or aspects thereof. The specific requirements for participation in the competition are described in the call for applications (we are currently working on the English translation! If you understand German, please visit our German website to access the call).

What are the criteria used by the jury to select the works?

The jury is made up of art and energy experts.
The jury considers the following parameters when taking its decision:
– Artistic value of the work
– Consideration of the topic “energy transition” (or one of its aspects)
– Successful combination of artwork and theme
Learn more about the jury members here.

What pieces of art may participate in the competition?

All genres of visual art – such as painting, sculpture, photography, media and video art and installations – can be submitted to the competition. Interdisciplinary and genre-related works are also welcome. The works must be visually perceptible and suitable for the exhibition. Therefore, for instance, pure music pieces and literary work are excluded.

How many works of art can an applicant submit?

Please apply with a maximum of three works. A series is considered as one work.

Whom can I contact for further information?

Please send an email to: info@energiewendekunst.de

When is the deadline for applications?

The deadline for applications is on 31 August 2014.

How can I support EnergyTransitionArt?

Donations are welcome. Donation certificates, valid for German tax-authorities, are issued for amounts higher than 50 Euro – please be sure you send us your address.
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